A Guide to the Chevy 350 Crate Engine

Choosing a crate engine is a big decision and an important investment. You can expect the Chevy 350 crate engine to bring the power that you're looking for and the durability that you need. The Chevy 350 crate engine is one of the most popular and best engines that are being made. It offers durability and superb performance. Because of the 350 engine's reputation for long-term reliability, it is chosen for a variety of applications, including boats and high-performance cars like the Chevy Camaro and Corvette. The 350 crate engine is a great engine for California rebuilds and project cars. The weather in Berkeley, CA, and the bay area is the perfect atmosphere to drop in your 350 Chevy crate engine and add customizations that match your performance goals. 

The 350 engine was designed in 1967 for the Chevy Camaro and went on to power the Caprice, Corvette and GM's fleet of vehicles. In 1985 the 350 engine was introduced in the Corvette with fuel injection in place of the four-barrel carburetor. In the late 80's the 350 engine came standard with fuel injection. The 350 was discontinued in 2004 and has been replaced with newer, modern engines, but the 350 remains a favorite choice for replacements, rebuilds and projects. 

Chevy 350 Engine Replacement Parts

The Chevy 350 engine is recommended as an easy engine to rebuild and is commonly modified to produce increased performance using aftermarket parts, such as a high-performance intake and exhaust. General maintenance and modifications of the 350 along with engine rebuilding are projects that are taken on by individuals with different levels of knowledge, including novice and experienced mechanics. But, why would you rebuild when you can buy an OEM 350 crate engine? The OEM crate engine is designed to fit perfectly and comes with a 12-month guarantee. 

No Need to Rebuild - Choose the Chevy 350 Crate Engine

Forget the rebuild, and choose a powerful engine for your Chevelle, Camaro or muscle car with an OEM 350 crate engine. The 350 crate engine is a great alternative to rebuilding your original engine. Why pull out the original engine and take it apart to discover internal issues that will be costly to repair? The 20- to 30-year-old engine block will need a complete overhaul. Every seal must be replaced along with the cam, crankshaft, pistons and lifters. All of your time, effort and money that is invested in your rebuild, will be wasted if there is one hidden hairline stress crack. Hidden damage can blow the entire rebuild. The 350 crate engine comes with peace of mind knowing your engine will perform with the assurance of a professionally built engine. 

Crate engines are not new. They were initially available through GM Performance and are now available by Chevrolet Performance. Chevy crate engines are affordable and fit the general auto project budget. No other producer offers the complete range of factory-engineered crate engines that are provided by Chevrolet Performance. Each crate engine is designed and built with the same high quality and performance standards that go into each GM production engine that is placed into a new vehicle.

The Chevrolet Performance crate engines' reliability and convenience are unsurpassed. You can easily replace a failed engine or build and design a project car with a Chevy 350, high-performance crate engine. The crate engine is designed to easily connect to a Chevy factory-matched transmission with all the necessary parts, controllers and installation hardware. Drop in your crate engine and get out there and cruise in the Berkeley, California, sunshine. A crate engine is the best and easiest way to add a new engine on a project car. 

Selecting a crate engine is one of the best decisions because the vehicle's engine is the most important investment. You can rely on Chevrolet Performance to power your passion. The Chevy 350 crate engine will deliver the power and durability that you desire. You can order your engine here at MoparBayarea.com. Our knowledgeable part specialists are available to answer any questions that you may have during business hours at 510-981-8023.

Selecting a Crate Engine

1. Application

Your first consideration when choosing a crate engine should be the application. You should look for an engine that fits your project car's intentions. For example, the 350 crate engine is the first pick for many muscle car designs because of its power and its smooth replacement. 

2. Budget

The 350 crate engine provides power on a budget. It will cost you less to purchase the 350 crate engine than to build an engine yourself using the same caliber components. Plus, the crate engine is backed by a warranty, which is a fool-proof solution for the project car and muscle car owner. Before spending project money on an engine rebuild, look at the 350 crate engine if you want an engine that will match your project goals without maxing out your budget goals. 

3. Durability

Durability is crucial when completing a rebuild or choosing a crate engine. Unless you want to spend hours working on your engine, you want to choose an engine that is going to perform and endure. 

4. Gas Efficiency

Most Chevy crate engine customers want an engine that can deliver the power and oomph plus save money at the pump. The 350 crate engine is a number one choice for project, muscle and race cars because the 350 performs reliably on pump gasoline instead of requiring expensive racing gas.

There are specs and stats published on every crate engine that is built and most 350 crate engine consumers choose the 350 based on its peak torque number. Most crate engines have similar horsepower range but the 350 has substantially more torque, and it is torque that gets the car moving. If you are looking for your vehicle to run faster at lower RPMs, choose an engine like the 350 that has a higher peak torque will it's in the lower RPMs. 

How Does Mopar Bay Area Parts and Accessories Build Their Crate Engines?

Mopar Bay Area's tech part department will help you order the exact parts that you need, including measuring an engine crank pulley and choosing the correct crate engine for your application. The experienced tech team can help you determine if the 350 crate engine is the right engine for your project. Call 510-981-8023 or visit them online at 350 Crate Engine. 

The Crate Engine Foundation

Start with a great base like the Chevrolet Performance 350 crate engine. Using the Chevrolet 350 crate engine as a base is a smart decision because it is factory built and goes through durability testing on all of its parts and assembly. Most aftermarket companies are not using the level of screening and scrutiny that Performance Chevrolet uses when they manufacture their crate engines. The 350 provides a reliable foundation that can be built on. Customize the crate engine even by using quality OEM parts from MoPar Bay Area Parts and Accessories. The crate engine provides you with the foundation for a custom engine that is brought right from the shelf.

350 Crate Engine Suggestions

The 350 crate engine is tried and true and is perfect for street rods, hot rods and daily driving. Nothing beats the reliable and proven 350 crate Chevy engine, which has been a staple engine for project cars since its inception and has powered every kind of vehicle imaginable. The American built project car relies on the 350 Chevy crate engine. Get your project car up and running for the Annual Chilly Billy Fun Run Hot Rod & Motorcycle Show on the fairgrounds in the Berkeley, CA, area. 

The Mopar Bay Area Parts and Accessories, located in Berkeley, California, have in-house experts who are ready to reply to any of your questions about parts fitment and crate engines. Call 510-981-8023 during regular business hours or email us HERE. Include your vehicle's VIN with any questions that you may send, or order a 350 Chevy Crate Engine online here at Mopar Bay Area Parts and Accessories.